Flower wood cutting propagation precautions

First, choose the fine strip parent and the plug as the mother of the strip, require good varieties, growth and prosperity, no pest damage and other conditions, growth and aging plants are not selected as the parent strip mining. On the same plant, the middle and upper parts of the cuttings should

Vegetable seedlings

Sub-seedlings of vegetables are effective ways to prevent seedlings from sprouting, to increase the nutrition and illumination area of a€?a€?seedlings, and to promote the growth of seedlings. However, split seedlings will inevitably cause different degrees of root-cutting, reduce root fu

Corn big bell mouth to fine tube

The big bell-mouth period of corn is the period from jointing to tasselling. It is the period of vegetative growth and reproductive growth. The growth of roots, stems, and leaves is very strong, the volume is rapidly expanding, the dry weight is increased sharply, and tassels have matured. The str

How to control fruit trees

From June to September, the flower buds of fruit trees should pay attention to control the madness of fruit trees. The root cause of madness in fruit trees is the excess of nutrients. Nitrogen fertilizer should be reduced and organic matter should be increased during fertilization. The madness al

Summer radish cultivation technology

1. Selection of improved species Summer radish cultivation should choose good heat resistance, strong resistance to early maturing varieties, such as the red pill on the 20th small radish, Yanghua radish. 2. Soil fertigation Premature radish has a short growing period and requires higher nutrie

Eight Key Technologies of Lotus Summer Management

The summer growth of the lotus is critical. According to practice, the key technologies of Xiaguan are briefly described below. One is water transfer. With the growth of floating leaves after planting, the water level can be gradually increased. After a large number of leaves are grown, the water

Fertilizer Testing Techniques for Soil Testing of Lettu…

1. Requirements of Fertilizer Fermentation: The growth of lettuce with lettuce is rapid, and nitrogen fertilizer is preferred. The amount of fertilizer is small at the initial stage of growth. After entering the ball stage 70-80 days after sowing, the nutrient uptake increases sharply. During the

Onion is covered with wheat straw

When cultivating green onions, covering wheat stalks or wheat bran between green onions will generally increase the onion yield by about 20%, and the onion quality is good and the yield is high. The specific method is: to cover the wheat stalk or wheat stalk along the onion between 5-8 cm thick,

Watermelon skin feeding fish species

Freshly fed watermelon rinds are beaten with a beater, and Quanchipia is splashed to cultivate oysters, clams, grass carp, and squid, etc., 2 times a day. According to the water quality, 80 to 100 kilograms of watermelon rind is poured per acre of water. Or according to every thousand fish throwin

Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Maize Dwarf Mos…

Maize dwarf mosaic disease can infect the disease during the whole growth period, and it is most prosperous from the seedling stage to the 7th leaf stage. The leaves of the diseased corn were discolored and chlorotic in the form of mottled mosaics. Early infected seedlings had rotten roots and die